Dandelion, Two Ways

I’m finally writing this post on my PC, which I set up yesterday amid all the other unpacking and organizing chores. It’s only a minimal setup for now, with one seat and one monitor. The rest can wait. It will have to, as the second seat will now need to go on the other side of the room, so I have to decide how to wire up DVI/HDMI and USB over a length of several meters. The printer, too, will be a thorny problem. Mostly likely I’ll set that up somewhere else for network printing.

Seeing that it’s a day for things-long-planned-and-postponed, I decided to share a pair of dandelion photos I took in the spring. I took these photos a month apart (to the day, as it happened), and always wanted to share them together. They weren’t planned as a short series, but it feels silly to write separately about them. The first, below, was taken in Scathes Wood at Ightham Mote in Kent. It was early spring, and the flowers were just starting to bloom. While they’re very common, I look forward to the time they show up each year – I find their colour is so bright and sunny one cannot help anticipating summer.

Dandelion (1844)

The next I took a month later, on a short walk around Broad Water in Surrey. This was my second time to that pond, and we chose that location because it is so close to where we lived, and evening was approaching. I came across the dandelion on our way back to the car; light was low by that time, and so also very soft and rather bluish.

Dandelion (2035)

There is something rather melancholic about dandelions at this stage, with their seeds blowing away in the wind (when there is any). It’s odd that this comes as summer approaches and the air is warmer. I’ve come to associate this with a summer-is-here feeling.

Click on the photo for a larger version; comments welcome, and of course feel free to share the link.


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