Sailing Boat at Twilight

Sailing Boat at Twilight (2773)

Post-move, things are slowly settling here, so it’s about time I share an image from Malta. I’m afraid I haven’t been doing much photography lately. I’m very much missing the routine I had made for myself in Surrey, with regular walks in the countryside. Those quiet walks were always a time for reflection, which works well with the pursuit of photography. A small compensation has been the couple of times I’ve been out climbing with the MCC, and in the process discovering some great places on the island.

I have also finally gotten myself a better telephoto lens, now that I think I’ve figured out what I wanted out of it. So I was itching to try it out for real. But the weather’s mostly been too hot to do much. It’s only in the past day or two that it’s cooling down somewhat. In any case, a couple of weeks ago R and I dragged ourselves to Buġibba in time for the sunset. This is a very popular tourist and summer-residence location, and the plan was to simply walk along the promenade and find a good spot to wait for the sunset. In what seems to be a distant past I used to like to sit down by the sea and watch the sun set over Selmun palace. So I figured we’d try that again.

After the sun went down beyond Mellieħa ridge, as the sky took on those pastel shades of pink and orange and everything in between, I saw this sailing boat going out to sea. I waited until it came in front of St Paul’s islands and this is the result. I took the photo handheld as a single exposure. Post processing was simple, with the usual selective curves layers to adjust contrast.

Click on the photo for a larger version; comments welcome, and of course feel free to share the link.


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  1. […] Another aspect of the country that I need to enjoy more is the seaside. It’s too busy and frankly too hot in summer – in fact I wonder why most tourists visiting choose to do so in those months. In late spring and early autumn, however, it’s just magical. I took the photo above on an evening stroll along the promenade in Buġibba. […]

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