Dingli Cliffs

Dingli Cliffs (2940)

Finally managing a Monday post again, so time for a recent shot from Malta. This is from a walk a week ago along the Dingli Cliffs towards Fawwara. The two figures on the right hand side help give a sense of scale to the place. According to the contour map, the radar station (that golf-ball thing in the distance) is at an altitude of over 240m. This is definitely a place I will revisit specifically for photography, with more time and gear for that purpose. The walk itself was fantastic, and the weather ideal (this is late November for you down here).

I took this photo handheld as a single exposure. In post I had to compensate for a rather wide dynamic range with the usual selective curves layers.

Click on the photo for a larger version; comments welcome, and of course feel free to share the link.


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