Dingli Cliffs at Sunset

Dingli Cliffs at Sunset (2956)

Having injured my hand while training a couple weeks ago, it will be some time before I can go climbing or practising archery again. To boot, I haven’t even been walking since about that time. So this long weekend (did I say it’s a holiday today in Malta?) I was rather itching to go out and take some photos. Sunsets lately have been brilliant, with a somewhat cloudy sky beautifully lit by the warm light of the setting sun. With that in mind we drove up to Dingli to visit the cliffs again and wait for the sunset there.

I already had in mind a similar shot to the one I shared recently. So I walked again out to the same outcrop above Miġra Ilma, looking northwest towards the radar station. This time I walked further out and down the cliffs for a slightly different perspective. I expected company, but was rather surprised it was mostly foreigners rather than locals. It’s not exactly a tourist spot, so I guess this particular place is mentioned in some guide book. As I took this I was about 200m above sea level, with the top of the cliffs about 20-30m higher.

When I packed up and left the sun had already set. Most people had gone, though some were still arriving. We were treated to a magnificent afterglow in the direction of the sunset, but sadly I had already packed my camera, and I only had my smartphone at hand. I should have kept the SLR around my neck as I usually do walking back.

For this photo, I set up on a tripod, fitted the polariser and a couple of grad filters, and basically waited. I took several frames as the lighting conditions changed, and also trying out slight changes in composition. I learnt some time ago that it’s best to leave the review until I can see things properly on a monitor, rather than trust the tiny 3″ display on camera. At home I chose this particular frame, in part because of the two very tiny figures at the top of the cliff on the right (barely visible at this resolution, but clearly identifiable as people at full size) that lend a sense of scale. Post processing involved some selective curves layers to fine tune exposure and contrast.

Click on the photo for a larger version; comments welcome, and of course feel free to share the link.


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