Overlooking the Lower Cliffs at Dingli

Overlooking Lower Cliffs (3427)
Overlooking Lower Cliffs. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

I meant to post something else today. Specifically, I hoped I’d have processed the photo from the eclipse by now, but that’s taking longer. So instead I’m sharing a photo I took at the end of that session, when the eclipse was almost over. By that time, the sun had moved out of frame, so I recomposed to show the upper and lower cliff lines, with the fields in the terrace between them. The tiny island of Filfla is in the distance.

This section of cliffs is in two levels: the upper cliffs drop by 20-30m, then there’s terraced fields over a drop of about 80-100m, and a further 120m drop in the lower cliffs, straight to the sea. It’s all rather dramatic, but it can be tricky to keep a sense of the whole thing on a 2D picture.

I knew I wanted a person on the rocky outcrop, for scale, so I figured I’d get myself in the photo for once. R was with me, so I set up the camera, explained what I wanted, and left the trigger in her hands. Soon after that, we packed up and went for lunch at a lovely place in Dingli.


  1. […] sunny morning and the only thing missing is a beautiful view. I wish I had the time to drive to somewhere like Dingli, sit on a bench by the cliffs and soak up some of that fresh sea air. I can’t do that right now so I’m in my second favourite place – the study area. […]

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