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New Crop (1348)
New Crop. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

A really quick post today, to share a photo from a little more than a year ago in England. With spring well on its way here, I thought it was about time I shared this. At the start of spring last year I led a walk for the photographic society, in the countryside around Guildford. This was a very informal affair, mostly to introduce people to what’s available in the immediate surroundings, so I (mostly) chose paths that I had walked many times before.

As the walk progressed, I fitted my telephoto zoom, which is something I didn’t use often, to get myself to see things in a different way. Now this particular zoom lens was always a little troublesome for me, as I often had technical problems when I used it. Mostly down to user error of course. However, it served its purpose well in helping me figure out what I wanted out of a telephoto zoom.

I took this photo in a favourite part of the walk, through the fields in the Albury downs below Newlands corner. At the time, the young shoots were just sprouting, and with all the rain we had the winter before, everything was greener than usual. It also made a strong contrast with the bright white of the chalky terrain.


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