Cliffside Fields

Cliffside Fields (3511)
Cliffside Fields. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

This week I missed my usual post with a recent photo on Monday. And I almost missed the slot today too as I’m rather exhausted. It’s been a busy two weeks, in the nicest possible way. Between the Easter festivities, family commitments, and catching up with my woodworking projects, I’ve had my hands full. Throw in some outdoor climbing, a couple of walks, and a little archery, and there’s not much left for photo processing.

Fortunately, some of my recent photos needed hardly any work at all. And I’ve also been learning new ways of doing things that simplify the process considerably. Which leads me nicely to today’s photo. After a lovely lunch with the in-laws we drove up to the cliffs at Dingli for a post-prandial walk. It was a gorgeously sunny day, so much that some head protection was in order. I fitted my telephoto lens and started looking for extracts. At one point I looked behind as I knew the cliffs further south would look good. What I didn’t expect was the play of light and shadow that really brought out the shape of the cliffs.

It’s fun to think how some people consider the afternoon to be a bad time for photography. Well, judging by some of the photos one sees online, the only good times to shoot are sunrise and sunset!



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