Canal Bridge

(Click on the photo for added detail.)
Canal Bridge. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

I’ve been saying for a while that I still have a number of older images to share; it was my intention to get these out by Christmas (that was last year, I know!). While I did share lots at the tail end of last year, I didn’t quite make it through everything. And it’s a pity to let these languish. So as the year started I thought I’d share one or two a week. But life seems to have taken over, and I’m finding much less time than I used to dedicate to the processing and sharing of images.

Anyway, I have a personal rule where I do not allow myself to postpone something more than twice. (That is, I allow myself to postpone a scheduled event once to make space for more urgent or important things, and a second time usually only for urgent things, but not a third time. Unless it’s a matter of life, health, or safety, of course.) That way, finally the time will come for everything.

Which brings me to sharing this photo. I can’t believe it’s been two years since that foray back into the world of film, and for me the first time shooting B&W and developing. This particular photo was from the second roll, taken on Kodak TMX 100 in early May. The main subject is one of the canals on the river Wey near Pyrford. I really enjoyed playing with film and using my ultra-wide angle lens the way it was supposed to be used, on a full 35mm frame. Since then I’ve bought a full-frame body, but it would be nice to shoot some film again. Once my current home projects are done I’ll see about setting up my darkroom stuff and buying some film and chemicals.


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