Falling Water at Il-Qaws

(Click on the photo for added detail.)
Falling Water at il-Qaws. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

I’m going back a month with today’s photo, from a walk around Mtaħleb. After walking down the upper cliffs into the valleys below, we followed the merger of two valleys to the sea cliffs in an area known as Il-Qaws (translates to ‘the bow’). It had rained a fair bit in the weeks preceding this walk, so it was not a huge surprise that there was actually a little running water in the valley. Malta doesn’t really have its fair share of waterfalls (read: there are none, I think), so we greeted this view with some sense of wonder.

You’ll notice a white speck near the falling stream – that’s actually a bird, I think a gull. I hope it gives some sense of scale. The place is not exactly huge, but it’s still 40-50m from where we stood (and where the water is flowing) to the sea. I think I caused the walk leader some concern as I took this photo. In which case I am truly sorry. I was in no objective danger; no photo is worth that kind of risk.

From this point we continued along the clifftop to Miġra l-Ferħa, where it’s said that Count Roger landed with his men when he conquered the island. But that’s a place for another photo, another time.


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