Newark Priory

(Click on the photo for added detail.)
Newark Priory. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

For the second photo to share this week I’m going back to the last time I played with film. I took this particular photo almost two years ago, on a walk around Pyrford. The same walk, in fact, where I took the canal bridge photo I shared a couple weeks ago. I’ve been walking in the area a few times, in different seasons. The most memorable must have been on Christmas Day, 2010, after we had quite a bit of snow. This time was rather different – I remember the weather was great and there were lots of people about, enjoying the sunshine.

This particular view is just below Newark lock, with the ruins of Newark priory still visible in the distance. You can see a canal barge approaching on the river, and some cyclists on the path. In retrospect, I should have waited for the barge to get closer, but I really didn’t want to be in the way of the cyclists.

I’m not sure if it was on this particular occasion. There is good walking here along the river up to a pub that sits conveniently near a road bridge. Beyond, one can pass through a golf course on a right-of-way, and back through Pyrford itself.


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