Cliffs and Terraced Fields

Cliffs and Terraced Fields (2914)
Cliffs and Terraced Fields. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

It almost feels like summer here already. It’s already almost too warm for late-morning walks, as I found out yesterday when I really should have used some sunscreen in addition to my hat. On the plus side, the after-work outdoor climbing season started a couple weeks ago, and I managed to fit in a couple of sessions. You must understand most of the reason for this season is simply that it gets dark too quickly in the winter months. The weather is often good for climbing anyway.

Anyway, I digress as I often do. I already mentioned I’ve been catching up on some processing, but I’m trying to keep Mondays for images of Malta. This particular view of the Victoria lines and the terraced fields below is from a walk in mid-November last year. So it’s been waiting a while. As usual on these walks I didn’t take any filters or tripod with me; this allows me to keep up with the others, while still letting me take some decent pictures. Meanwhile I’m keeping notes for places to visit specifically for photography.

At some point I’ll catch up with photos from more recent walks. And with some luck I’ll go out shooting a project I have in mind.


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