Yellow Rose

Yellow Rose (2186)
Yellow Rose. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

As much of the world prepares to celebrate Mother’s Day, I thought I’d leave you with a flower. I mentioned earlier how I’ve recently been catching up with some processing. This particular yellow rose is from a series of photos taken in Chartwell, Kent, in early summer last year. Almost a year ago, I can hardly believe it.

On that particular visit to Chartwell our main aim was to spend some time in the gardens. We knew they would be in bloom, so what better time to do that? I mostly had my macro lens on that day, forcing myself to think in terms of a longish focal length and allowing myself to get as close as I felt the need.

Processing these photos felt a bit odd. I have recently shifted to DxO Optics Pro for my initial editing stages, and this series helped me iron out a few kinks in the methodology, by comparing the RAW conversion with Canon’s DPP on a photo-by-photo basis. Particularly, the default settings in DxO have a ‘protect saturated colours’ option ticked, which can play havoc with photos of highly saturated subjects, as flowers often are. In the end, for this series I found it better to just switch off the option and keep the colours as they were. Further processing was tricky, as any change seems to have a drastic effect. In most cases, I just did nothing; in this case it was only a matter of a slight crop to clean out the edges. This is one place where I was really happy I got it right in camera.


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