Another View of Il-Qolla

Il-Qolla (3101)
Il-Qolla. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

A little later than usual today for my Malta series, but before I head off for a work seminar I thought I’d share with you another photo from a walk early this year. I have already shared another view of this rocky outcrop. Today’s is from the valley floor on the walk back to Mtarfa.

During the last couple of week or so, the weather has really turned. All greenery will soon be gone, and Malta will soon be the rocky barren-looking land I remember. It’s already too late in the year to be walking around in the late-morning or early-afternoon sun. I know many look forward to the summer, with its late evenings and seemingly-perpetual sunshine. I just find the heat unbearable, though I must say the early morning breeze (when it happens) and the late evening light are enjoyable.

After today’s photo, you may notice a slight shift in style in photos of Malta that I share, as I have been experimenting with new (for me) ways of processing images. I have also been on a few interesting walks recently, and look forward to sharing photos I took, though many are still in the queue to be processed.


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