Chartwell (2197)
Chartwell. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

This week has been busy in the nicest possible way, with two friends visiting (separately) from the UK. So I’ve had no time to dedicate to blogging and precious little to reading other people’s. I’ve taken this opportunity to look back at my usual blogging schedule, rethinking what I plan to do over the coming weeks. I’m likely going to shift my schedule a little, posting recent photos from Malta on Tuesdays, older photos from the UK on Thursdays (not quite a throwback, but hey), and more recently processed UK photos in the weekend (probably Sundays).

To kick off this plan, today I’m sharing a classic view of Chartwell, in Kent, from across the pond. I took this in summer last year on a rainy walk in the grounds. Following a wet winter, last summer was the most verdant I remember in the UK, and this walk was surprisingly pleasant, given the weather.

I mentioned earlier how I have been experimenting with different processing methods. This photo is probably the first I’m sharing that completely follows that method. It took some time to share this because I could not quite get the result I was looking for using my earlier techniques. So I kept revisiting and giving up on this photo for a while. I still have several other photos from the same visit, that I plan to share over the coming weeks.



  1. Gorgeous, you always take gorgeous pictures though… looking forward to some grimy ones of the not so picturesque.. take that as a challenge if you will Dr Briffa 🙂

    Adam Mc.

    • Thanks Adam! or should I say Dr Mc 😉

      Grimy is a rather ‘in’ thing right now in photography, though I’m not sure it’s my thing. Would do me good to try though 🙂

  2. […] in very different conditions. This photo is from the same visit to Chartwell where I took the view of the house from across the pond, and several photos of flowers. After spending some time with the flowers I went for a walk in the […]

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