Puttenham Common

Puttenham Common. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

I figured the easiest way to sort through the older photos to share was to start with the oldest, so here we go. Today I’m sharing a little throwback from slightly more than two years ago. I took this on a walk around Puttenham common, rather close to where we lived. Still, because access was through a rather narrow track it felt like a world away, and was always less frequented than better known ‘beauty spots’. Personally, I found that to be one of its attractions.

I remember that as I walked on a track overlooking this copse I thought they looked rather particular, all green and yet with no grass below them. I know I had recently bought my ND grads, and was experimenting with them on this walk. So I guess I used them on this photo. This was still with my trusty old 30D – shortly after this I upgraded to my current full-frame camera. I’m glad I did that when I did, as it was just at the time when I could make use of the difference.

There are many things I’d do differently if I had to shoot this now (or even if I were to reprocess it, for that matter). I’m sure it’s easy to see the difference in style between this photo and my more recent ones. And I don’t say this with any regret – I am where I am now because I have walked the paths I have walked (figuratively and literally), and I feel peace in reminiscing.



    • He he 🙂 it’s trusty all right, but then we did buy it in 2006. Still, in some ways it’s better than my 6D, and always felt rock solid. I know I loved that camera, and only use the past tense because I’m no longer using it.

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