St Martha’s on the Hill

St Martha’s on the Hill. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

Now this really feels like a throwback to me, even though I only took this photo about this time two years ago. I must have a ton of photos of St Martha’s, as this was one of my go-to places when I wanted to walk, be outside, or just generally be by myself for a bit. It was also a semi-automatic destination whenever I wanted to just try something new with my photography.

Over the years, I have been there in all kinds of weather. When it was rather windy and I made the most of that with a long exposure. Or that time when I headed up in the fog before a winter sunrise, with a film camera in tow. Or when Andy and I went to take some evening shots and star trails. Or when everywhere was covered in snow (no photos, sorry! I might have some that still need processing). Or so many other times when I didn’t even take a camera with me.

I’m of the school that believes it’s important to know a place, and know it well, in order to take meaningful photos. Not necessarily implying knowledge of a specific geographic location, but in the sense of knowing the general area and more importantly the temperament of the place. Which is why perhaps the best photos one takes are often in one’s own backyard. I certainly find that my photography changes (and arguably improves) the more often I visit somewhere.



    • I’ve done many variations on that walk, in all sorts of weather. Newlands to St Martha’s and back was my go-to place whenever I needed some quiet time or inspiration 🙂 I miss it.

    • Hi Maureen, thanks for stopping by! I knew they held music events every so often there, glad to hear they’re doing well. It’s a very special place for me, I’ve been there in all seasons and weather. Though I must say I only went inside once. Would have been fantastic to listen to you play in that church 😀

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