Pool and Sea Battered Rocks

Pool and Sea Battered Rocks (3594)
Pool and sea battered rocks. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

It took me a while to decide which recent photo to share today. In the end I decided to go with one of the two images I have processed so far from a recent visit to Gozo. Both were taken in Dwejra, well known for the stone arch, and a very touristy spot. I’m sharing the less well known view first, though, simply because this was the first composition I set up. I’ll probably share its sibling next week.

We were in Gozo with a friend of ours who was visiting from the UK. Said friend being also a photographer, and us not having a particular agenda, I took my usual camera gear with me, tripod and all. Dwejra was our first stop in Gozo, so it was mid/late morning by the time we got there, just a bit before the tourist buses started arriving. We ambled around, visiting the ‘inland sea’, which is almost completely surrounded by boat-houses. Then we headed over to the shoreline near the arch.

The sea had considerable swell, so I knew I had to take a long exposure there. I set up with this view first, with my back towards the arch. I used a polarising filter to cut the surface reflections from the pool, and allow the warmth of the wet rock through. I also used a ND grad to balance the exposure in the sky and foreground, and (obviously) a strong ND filter to allow a long exposure. Now the Lee Big Stopper is a great and reliable filter but it does suffer from a colour cast. Since I changed my RAW conversion process I could no longer use my earlier method for removing this, so I had to come up with an alternative. As it were, I wasn’t particularly happy with my previous method, and I find the newer technique is much better. I intend to do a technical post soon to explain the (rather easy) process.

As a final thought, I should mention that I have fond memories of walking along the cliffs in the distance with some friends of mine many years back. It was winter and we were on a weekend camping trip, involving some fantastic walks in the countryside, wild camping, and good company. I’m pretty sure I had taken some photos of the view from there looking towards the arch – perhaps I should go through my negatives and look it up.


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