Relaxed. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

I was hoping to write a technical post this week, explaining the method I’m using to remove the colour cast in the Lee Big Stopper. But that was not to be. Yesterday after work I decided to drive down to Lapsi to see the sunset and take some photos there. Today was a busy day, with an unexpected funeral of a good friend of the family’s in the afternoon.

So instead I’m sharing a photo of R from a little more than two years ago. If you’ve been following this blog for some time you’ll know that I don’t often have people in my photos, and when I do they’re rarely the main subject. In this case, however, I wanted to make an exception. It’s not that I don’t take photos of people, you understand. Just that I don’t usually share them. And I think it should be rather obvious that I take photos of R as often as I can get away with it.

In this case we were visiting Greenwich with my brother; we headed that way for an Ansel Adams exhibition that I just couldn’t miss. Thankfully they both enjoyed it too. After that we headed to a nice coffee shop. Appropriately (I think) I happened to have been playing with film again at the time, and had my film camera with me with some Kodak TMX 100, while R was using the digital SLR. Technically, there are a few things that I’m not happy with, but the overall ‘feel’ of this photo is one that I really like. So there.


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