Natural Stone Arch and Crashing Waves

Natural Stone Arch and Crashing Waves (3596-3597)
Natural stone arch and crashing waves. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

Today I’m sharing the better known view at Dwejra, with the Azure Window in the distance and many small rock pools in the foreground. This is looking pretty much in the opposite direction of the view I shared last week. In a similar manner, I did this as a long exposure. Actually I took a couple of photos at different exposure settings to allow me some flexibility in post. As it turned out, a couple of tourists walked in during the better exposure, showing up as a slight shadow. I removed this in post by copying in the corresponding parts of the ‘lesser’ exposure.

Also in the same way as with last week’s photo, I applied the same curves layer to compensate for the colour cast caused by the Lee Big Stopper. The more I look at these images, the happier I am with the methodology. The colour looks just how it should. With some luck this week I’ll manage to write that technical post I promised.

Actually, earlier today, R asked me whether the sea was really that blue or whether I used some filters. I explained that I did use some filters, and one of these (the polariser) would naturally intensify the colours by cutting glare. However, the sea really was that blue. The sky was completely clear, so there was nothing but blue to be reflected by the sea. Blu Mediterraneo.


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