Enjoying the Remains of the Day

Enjoying the Remains of the Day (3704)
Enjoying the Remains of the Day. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

Things have been busier than usual lately, so last week I didn’t keep up with my usual blogging schedule. As it’s a new week already, I’m sharing another recent photo from Malta. Almost three weeks ago I drove down to Lapsi after work, to enjoy the sunset and take a few photos. I meant to walk down ix-Xaqqa (literally ‘the crack’), but soon realised the descent was steeper than I expected, and not relishing a climb out in the dark I decided to leave that excursion for another day. Instead I headed towards Ras Ħanżir for a viewpoint I meant to revisit.

I have been in the area a few times, between walks and climbing meets, so I knew what to expect there. I explored different vantage points, and eventually set up for a long exposure with the late golden light. I’ll be sharing that image another day. Afterwards, I changed lenses and looked for extracts. Today I’m sharing one of these, a more minimal image of the late golden light, with a few men enjoying the remains of the day, fishing.



  1. […] already shared one photo from this series of extracts at Lapsi: the one with a few men fishing from the rocky coastline. Today’s photo was taken a little earlier, with the late light raking the rocky outcrop that […]

  2. Love how you comment about being a week behind. I haven’t been keeping up with my planned blogging schedule for up to the past couple months! 😮

    • Life can easily get in the way. And it’s always these non essentials that get hit first. This year my struggle is to fit in my archery sessions. And swimming, but I kinda lost hope there.

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