Headlands and Coastal Tower near Lapsi

Headlands and Coastal Tower near Lapsi (3688)
Headlands and Coastal Tower near Lapsi. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

I was already preparing to share a different photo today. Another one taken on this same outing to Lapsi, after I was done with the long exposure and was playing around with the telephoto lens. Just like the one I shared last week, in fact. But then I realised that I had already mentioned this long exposure, so I didn’t want to put it off again.

So, effectively this is the shot I had in mind when I headed in that direction. It was harder shooting than I anticipated, with the sun pretty much at my back I ran the risk of having a flatly lit scene. However, the contours of the coastline did their bit, causing enough shadows to make things interesting, and I’m rather pleased with how it turned out. It was rather tricky to avoid getting my shadow and the camera’s in view, but in the end I figured out a way, with no Photoshop involved. Post processing was also rather tricky due to the high contrast and our very reflective rock. The colour cast removal technique I shared a few posts ago worked its magic, and all that remained was the usual selective curves and dodge & burn layer.

I have a few other photos from that outing that I want to share, and I’ll get to them over the coming weeks. Yesterday I even found some time to process a few more photos that I had pending. With some luck I’ll also find the time to post more often…


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