Filfla (3693)
Filfla. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

Today I’m sharing the photo I was about to share last week. After setting up and taking the long exposure, I switch to a telephoto lens and looked for various opportunities. I ended up with a surprising number of photos I’m happy with. And as none of these were really planned, it was quite a bonus. Sometimes there’s nothing better than to let oneself acclimate to a place, and let the photos come as they will.

I already shared one photo from this series of extracts at Lapsi: the one with a few men fishing from the rocky coastline. Today’s photo was taken a little earlier, with the late light raking the rocky outcrop that is Filfla, bringing out the texture of its cliffs. A couple of boats were out in the evening light; most likely they were locals out for a little wander. One of these you can (barely, at this size) see to the left.

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