Unidentified Flower

Unidentified Flower (2177)
Unidentified Flower. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

[Update 26-Jun-2018: a friend of mine identified this flower as an English Marigold (Calendula officinalis); taking a look at photos of this plant, I think he’s right.]

Another one for the morning crowd today, before I start another day’s work and while I wait for some computation to finish. This is the last in a series of flower photos taken at Chartwell, Kent, last year in early summer. You can go through the series by following the Chartwell tag. This also includes photos of vegetation and one or two landscapes.

This particular photo was a tricky one to process. In the end I didn’t do much at all, but it served as a great way to compare options in the RAW processing stage of my workflow. The exposure was spot on and the colours of the flower were so intense and so close to the limits of the camera that any minor change in settings or processing resulted in a huge shift in colour and/or tonality. This helped me a lot in setting up DxO Optics in such a way that I kept the overall colour handling that I was used to (and happy with) on Canon DPP.

One difficulty I often have when taking photos of flowers is a problem in identifying them. In gardens I look out for the labels that the gardeners place. In some cases I’ve taken photos of these with my mobile so I don’t forget what’s what. In this particular case I couldn’t find any. Perhaps I just missed it. In case you can identify this, it would be kind if you would let me know in a comment. I’m afraid I didn’t take any photos of the leaves though.


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