Robinson’s Library

Robinson's Library (1792)
Robinson’s Library. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

Not so much of a throwback this week, as I only took this photo in early spring last year. On this visit to Ightham Mote we toured the house itself, a unique medieval moated manor that has been in use throughout its history. When visiting National Trust property we tend to spend more time in the gardens and estates than in the houses themselves, with a few exceptions. However, we do enjoy our time visiting the houses – there is something quintessentially English about them, particularly with the woodwork and panelling of the newer structures and the stonework of the older ones.

This photo shows the study of the house’s last owner, who gave Ightham Mote to the National Trust in 1985. This particular study resonated with us, as it was rather well-lit, unlike those in many older homes. It also felt cosy rather than grand. R and I have a thing for books, and visiting the libraries of these old properties is always a highlight. While our own library doesn’t have these inset bookcases (even internal walls are built with stone here in Malta, so this arrangement is hardly possible) we do have wall-to-wall bookcases covering every conceivable space in our study. And that still leaves several books we keep elsewhere, with a dedicated bookcase for R’s cookbooks in the kitchen/dining room and all my academic/research books in my office at work.


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