Cliffs and Setting Sun

(Click on the photo for added detail.)
(Click on the photo for added detail.)

This week I decided to postpone a few more photos that remain from the visit to Lapsi, so I can start sharing more recent photos. Today’s is from a short walk in Dingli about a month ago, just to enjoy the sunset. I took my camera with me (obviously) but I wasn’t sure if I’d end up shooting anything. I had already taken some photos from the same place in winter, and I knew the sun would set too far north to light up the cliffs at this time of year. Still, I did take a few photos.

In the end I find it can be better when I have no specific plans. Anything interesting that comes along I can greet as a pleasant surprise, and if nothing does there is no frustration. This was pretty much the mindset I adopted a few years ago for my walks in England. It allows me to enjoy the walk for what it is, while still having the freedom to pursue interesting photos as the situations arise. The key thing, I found, was to limit the gear I carried to what I consider to be a comfortable limit (about 10kg total, 80% of which is photography related). That way if I don’t use anything I’m not annoyed with myself for having carried all that gear for nothing.

Anyway, some details about today’s photo. What you see is the radar station at Dingli, with the cliffs below and the setting sun behind. I exposed this for the sky, to retain the colours and tonality, but decided to process the photo as a quasi-silhouette. That way, I could keep enough detail for some foreground interest and a little sense of the form of the cliffs, while keeping the focus as much as possible on the sky. In any case, the light on the foreground was very flat at this time, so there seemed hardly any reason to attract attention to it. It’s a rather unusual setup, but it seems to work for me. What do you think?



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