St Mary’s Selborne

St Mary's Selborne (0139)
(Click on the photo for added detail.)

A really quick blog post today with a throwback from about this time two years ago, in the lovely village of Selborne, Hampshire. We visited the medieval church when on a walk in the area, and I know I already shared a couple of photos from this place. R is in the distance, looking at a display below the stained glass of St Francis. Down the nave you can see the main altar, and (barely) Gilbert White’s resting place. Right now it all feels like a world away.



  1. Crikey, never been in the church but have strolled around outside many a time. We love the “zig zag” too. It’s not more than 30 minutes from our home in Farnborough, a great place for an evening walk now the days are longer.

    • It’s a special place for sure, we loved the zig zag ourselves, and it’s one of those walks that R really enjoyed. I don’t think we were planning to visit the church, but it was open and inviting, so we did!

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