Here’s Looking at You

(Click on the photo for added detail.)

A quick post again, today, to share a little throwback from a couple years ago. I guess it’s becoming a bit of a routine now, the lack of time for writing. This week I barely managed to spend an hour’s worth of target practice and a couple hours’ worth of climbing yesterday. Ah well. It could be worse.

Today’s photo is the oldest I had left to share. Not necessarily the one I took the longest time ago, but at least the one I had already processed and had been there waiting longest. It’s a rather special photo for me, taken on a roll of Kodak TMX100 I was experimenting with, on a lovely day out in Greenwich with R and J2. This was at the end of the day, at a coffee shop. R has her 30D pointed at me – at the time I had not yet bought the 6D, so we were sharing the 30D, except on that day when I was using my film camera. R also chose to share the same photo on her blog just this week.


    • Black and white I’ve only used the TMX100 and Ilford Pan F+ (50 ISO). I found the Kodak to be a great film, and had no problem working at ISO 100, especially with faster lenses. Reminds me I need to buy and shoot some more with it 🙂

      • I’m sure you’ll enjoy it! Yeah I did develop these films myself (with some help and instruction from a friend). It’s rather straight forward and doesn’t need much equipment.

      • Yes I have developed my own once tho. I need to find the time to go back to it. It is a coincidence I’m revisiting photography after having stopped for about 6 months and i came across your pic of R.

      • I know the feeling. I need to stock up on film and chemicals and get into that again. Haven’t shot film in a long time now. Glad the coincidence got you to my blog, thanks for stopping by!

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