After the Sunset

After the Sunset (3706)
(Click on the photo for added detail.)

I just checked, and other than some snapshots (not with my DSLR) and a few fireworks photos from last week, it’s been a month since I took any photos. This is hardly surprising as the weather has been just plain hot, and most often cloudless (or almost). Thankfully I still have several photos waiting to be shared, so I’ll continue with those. I’m also making plans for some climbing photography, but don’t hold your breath.

Back to today’s photo. This is (yet) another from a visit to Lapsi specifically for photography, at the end of spring. I packed up when the sun set, as I tend to do, and started heading back. However, I knew with those clouds that there was a good chance of some post-sunset light, so I took the packing slowly. I was already on my way back when I saw that the light would actually be good so I headed to a different viewpoint that I thought would work. I quickly parked, took my camera out again, found a good spot, and took a few pictures.

I keep reminding myself: never pack up until the light is *completely* gone.


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