(Click on the photo for added detail.)
(Click on the photo for added detail.)

A rather late post for the throwback series today. I don’t have too many photos of R, sadly, so the few I do have are rather dear. Most are snapshots, the kind where you’re thankful the camera is just a 35mm (and with a good autofocus). They’re the kind of photo I take purely for myself. A few are more ‘portraits’ in the classic sense. This one, in particular, we’re both reasonably happy with. Which reminds me – we need to take a few more photos of us. We don’t really buy into this ‘selfie’ thing, you know.

As you can see, it was a rather cold late autumn day from a couple years ago. I took this photo as part of an exercise in composition for a session with the photographic society. I only had my 100mm macro lens with me, on purpose, to force me to look in what for me was an unusual perspective. I found this lens to be a great portrait lens, with a useful field of view, and (because it’s reasonably fast at f/2.8) a shallow depth of field. Lighting was rather challenging, with the way most University buildings are lit, and the mixed lighting didn’t help.

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