Ships on Hurd Bank at Sunrise

Ships on Hurd Bank at Sunrise (3848)
(Click on the photo for added detail.)

Something rather fresh this week. This weekend I went for a short walk and swim at sunrise near Delimara. As I don’t usually set my alarm at 04:00, I wanted to make a most of this occasion so I took my camera and tripod with me. I took a few photos that I’m rather happy with, and today I’m sharing the first of that (short) series.

On the walk down to the rocky beach we could see a number of larger ships huddled in the distance. I was told that ships often anchor there, in an area known as Hurd Bank, which is ‘only’ about 30-35m deep. Smaller vessels can then be used for supplies and services from the nearby ports. Apparently it’s also a known diving destination. Judging by the size of the ships it seems to be a fair bit off shore.

Anyway, as sunrise approached, while the others went down to the beach for a swim, I set up on a rocky outcrop for some sunrise shots. As the light changed I shifted between wide shots on the tripod and tele shots handheld. This is where a decent zoom lens comes in handy (in the absence of a second body of course). Also useful are the two custom modes available on these newer Canon cameras, which I have perpetually set up for these two modes. Makes switching between the two a very quick affair.



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