Grass Striping

Grass Striping (1335)
(Click on the photo for added detail.)

While I wait for some data transfers to happen, I thought I’d get a head start on today’s blog post. This is the final ‘old’ image that I have to share from our time in England. What remains are those that I did not process until recently. It’s incredible that it has taken a year of regular posts to get through the images I had already processed. It’s even more incredible that there are still a few good photos in need of some care & attention. If there’s one thing I’m really satisfied about, it’s that my commitment to blog regularly about my photography has allowed me to openly explore ideas and it has provided enough incentive to experience the natural world more often.

Today’s photo is a different take on a field I know well in the Albury downs. I posted its companion earlier this year. While I think the other image is much stronger, I quite like the play of shadows and the different cutting angles of the grass on the rolling hillside. I have seen this place in many conditions: verdant in the spring, blooming in the height of summer, dry in the fall, and even snowed over in winter. This has often been my last view at the end of an enjoyable walk to St Martha’s, which was itself a bit of a go-to place for me as it was so close to where we lived. So it’s no surprise that this holds a special place, perhaps only to me.

4 thoughts on “Grass Striping

  1. Oh for a moment I thought you meant it was our garden. I have laughed and laughed.
    I do like it

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