The Kings’ Graves

The Kings' Graves (2325)
(Click on the photo for added detail.)

Yesterday I didn’t make it in time to write a throwback post, so I’m making up for that today. No complaint, I spent a nice quiet evening at the local crag, which is a great way to wind down. Anyway, at the moment I’m transferring a large public data set of raw images from DVD archives (over 100GiB), so while I wait for that I thought I’d write this post.

I mentioned already that I’m finally through the backlog of processed images from England. However, this does not mean I’m through with all images from England. Several weeks ago I dipped back into the archives looking for those images that I liked but never completed processing. This happens more often than you’d think. Sometimes it’s simply that I don’t realise a photo’s potential; sometimes it’s just that I had already selected several from the same shoot so other good ones slip through. In this case, which happens more often than I’d care to admit, I tried processing it before but didn’t like the result.

We came across these two barrows on a walk near Kingley Vale in West Sussex. It is said they’re the burial places of Viking chiefs that were defeated in a battle in the vale. Between the barrows and the impenetrable woods I could hardly imagine a more Tolkienesque landscape. The apocalyptic sky was a nice final touch. I can’t even remember if it rained or not. It probably did. It was a very enjoyable walk, at the end of which we stopped at a local pub for beer and a bite to eat.

The tough bit about this image was the rather extreme dynamic range. I was shooting into the sun, with really bright highlights on the white clouds, and a very subdued foreground which was mostly in the shade. The trees in the distance have a darkness that the sun couldn’t penetrate. Eventually I managed to work with this by using some editing skills I recently acquired. The decision to process as a B&W image also helped make things easier.


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