Yew Grove

Yew Grove (2308)
(Click on the photo for added detail.)

As I mentioned last week, earlier this summer I started working on some images from last year, hoping that my post-processing skills had improved enough. For my last few weeks in England, last summer, I was without my computer (which was packed and in shipping), so any processing had to wait until everything was sorted out in Malta. In the next few months I went through the summer images, processing those that I could. Some proved to be more problematic than I anticipated. A particular case was the set I took near Kingley Vale in West Sussex, which this photo is part of.

After the barrows, the walk took us into some woodland, mostly consisting of groves of yew. The light varied a lot, from the softness of the little light that made it through the densest patches, to some rather harsh contrast in more open spaces. Taking photos of woodland is notoriously difficult. Well, at least I find it so. In this particular case, it took some work to avoid the principal subject becoming a simple silhouette.

These yews are said to be very old. Though apparently it’s difficult to say for certain with yews. Their branches tend to go hollow as they age, so ring counting is out of the question. I’m sure I read somewhere (though I can’t find where) that they can also grow sideways, in the sense that lower branches hit the ground, grow their own roots, and start growing as a seemingly separate tree. I find there is something particularly English about the look of these trees with their knarled branches. Keeps reminding me of something straight out of Tolkien.


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