Mġarr ix-Xini

Mġarr ix-Xini (3615)
(Click on the photo for added detail.)

Today I’m finally sharing another photo from our visit to Gozo in late spring. This was the last stop on our itinerary, in a secluded rocky beach very popular with locals and tourists. Literally the name means ‘the galley’s harbour’, and I’m confident it was used as such. The beach head is well protected by a relatively long and narrow inlet, and the steep-sided valley continues a fair bit inland. In fact, the valley is a popular climbing destination, with lots of easy climbs.

What this means is also that the drive in is rather scenic and ‘interesting’. The last bit is rather steep, and I don’t look forward to having to do it again. You certainly wouldn’t want to attempt it in an under-powered car. Frankly I’d rather climb the crags on the side of the valley than do that last bit again by car.

The beach itself is rather pretty, though very, very small. The whole place was taken over last year for several months by the Pitt-Jolie brigade for the filming of ‘By the sea’. I have never been there in the peak of summer, but I suppose it would normally be very busy. At the time we went it was pleasantly quiet. We spent some time taking photos and whiling away the time on a bench by the water. Then we drove back out again and towards the ferry terminal.



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