Fishing on the Rocky Shoreline

Fishing on the Rocky Shoreline (3544)
(Click on the photo for added detail.)

We just witnessed one of those spectacular sunsets. There was a storm system passing through most of today, and I knew this would probably mean good conditions later in the day. I did not have the time to plan a shoot around this, but this didn’t mean we couldn’t just go up to the roof and enjoy the remains of the day. The air smelt fresh as it does after a storm, and the light was incredible. It’s clear that walking season is upon us. Sorry, no photos though.

Instead, today I’m sharing the last photo from the walk at l-Aħrax tal-Mellieħa in spring. When I shared the last image, my aunt asked me whether it’s possible to swim there, given I mentioned the cliffs. As it turns out, it is possible to scramble down the cliffs that way, though I’m not sure if the ‘path’ takes you far enough along the shoreline to get to the point where I took the photo. The shoreline is more accessible towards the south and further north, where I took today’s photo. In fact you can see a few enterprising folk spending that morning fishing. It’s well known locally that fishermen know all the paths that can possibly reach the sea. Some of these ‘paths’ are now graded climbs, and it takes some nerve to clamber down without being roped in. But perhaps that’s just me.



  1. A very well balanced photo.
    You reminded me of my fishing days or more appropriate to say my fish feeding days as I hardly caught anything.

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