Poppies (3534)
(Click on the photo for added detail.)

The coming weeks promise to be very busy, with preparations for two new classes next semester. I hope I’ll have enough energy at the end of the day for other pursuits. Today I decided to forgo my archery practice, so instead I’m sharing this photo earlier than I thought I would. At the rate I’m going, the backlog of images will soon be finished. I haven’t done a proper photography outing in a while, and with some luck I’ll get to start again soon.

I took this photo in Il-Majjistral Nature and History park, during a walk with R in early spring. She didn’t like the place much, and was rather put off by the number of buildings of dubious legality. Some of these were just a few metres from the cliff face; some were very recently built. On the walk back we passed by a number of tended fields, and we saw these poppies on the border of a field, just by the gravel path we were following. Further down, a path that we thought we’d follow was closed off and marked private. Rather odd, given that this is within a national park (c.f. S.L.504.82), but we didn’t want to risk annoying some hot-headed farmer or hunter. So instead we had to walk all the way around a rather large fenced property (once again, I have no idea how this could be within a national park). It’s a pity that the official MEPA maps (equivalent to, and actually the descendants of, the UK Ordnance Survey maps) do not clearly mark public rights of way. Apparently it’s hard to determine this information, usually requiring the services of a lawyer.

Well, I hope you’ll forgive my rant. Try to enjoy the poppies instead.


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