Kappella ta’ San Pawl Eremita

Kappella ta' San Pawl Eremita (3996)
(Click on the photo for added detail.)

Last weekend I found some time to process a few photos taken over the summer. You’ll forgive me for thinking it is still summer, though technically we’re a month into autumn. It just doesn’t feel much like autumn, except for a few rain showers. Otherwise it’s still warm enough to swim (which reminds me I need to plan a visit to the sea).

The photo I’m sharing today is the most recent of the lot, taken only a week or so ago. For the past few weeks I’ve seen a lot of Wied il-Għasel, an inland valley close to where I live. The valley has seen a lot of recent bolting activity, with a good proportion of routes in the lower grades (i.e. up to about 6a, suitable for common mortals). I’ve been steadily working my way through these, and thoroughly enjoying the process. I even comfortably led an easy 6a a week or so ago (and almost completed a rather hard 6a+ a few weeks before, going well past the crux and getting stuck on a silly slab right at the top). I think finally I’ve reached my indoor climbing level on real rock. This is something I hoped to do within the first year back, so I can safely say ‘target reached’. After several years of constant practice I finally consider myself a real climber.

All this preamble simply to say that I took my camera with me on one of these climbing outings, which is when I took this photo. We were on the opposite side of the valley by ‘Flake Wall’, working our way through the routes there. By the chapel, to the right, you can see a reddish buttress (a.k.a. ‘Chapel Buttress’) which contains a considerable number of routes. I think they’re mostly hard for their grade.


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