St Anne’s Chapel

(Click on the photo for added detail.)
(Click on the photo for added detail.)

I’m going back a bit with today’s photo, to that visit to Gozo in the spring. In many ways Malta is a land of churches, many of which are still in active service. In many cases I hardly see the point, when there are several within easy walking distance of each other. In some cases, one can see why service is still active. As in this case. This church at Dwejra is just by the touristy azure window, and the nearest village is a steep walk uphill. There’s (too many) boat-houses at Dwejra, and many owners will effectively live there for several weeks over the summer. Which is why perhaps the need for a more local service was felt. If I remember correctly this church is only active in the summer months (i.e. basically half the year).

Anyway, what strikes me about this church is its rather unusual architecture. It reminds me a bit of the Spanish structures in the western US, and with the clear blue sky and bright pale stone I couldn’t avoid thinking of many well-known photos from that region. Rather unusual in a country where most churches are Baroque.



    • Ha ha, I like that description! I didn’t even think about those balustrades. That’s really typical Maltese stone work, you can find that kind of thing almost everywhere. Many balconies and stairways are lined that way.

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