View from Nadur

View from Nadur (3608)
(Click on the photo for added detail.)

Dipping back into the archives again for today’s post, with another photo from the visit to Gozo in spring. After Dwejra and the citadel we headed to the village of Nadur, which stands alone on a hill overlooking the port of Mġarr. We had a good reason for wanting to visit this place at this time: there’s a well known bakery that makes the traditional ftira. In this context it refers to something that resembles a pizza but is rather more doughy. We bought one each (which in retrospect was major overkill) and headed to the village promenade to eat it there. There were a number of gazebos (thankfully, for the sun was already too strong to stay in) and this vista. I can only say it was one of the most enjoyable lunches, even though rather rustic.

In the distance you can see Comino with its guard tower and the Blue Lagoon. Further back is the island of Malta. After lunch we started heading out of town, but did another stop at a rock garden (complete with belvedere tower). We were thankful we didn’t go to this place for lunch as there was no shade anywhere.


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