Unwind (2448)
(Click on the photo for added detail.)

This week I’m responding again to the weekly photo challenge: Treat. I particularly liked this prompt. It made me realise just how lucky I really am. I often treat myself; usually it’s little things, but no less meaningful: like going out climbing after a day’s work (when there was still enough light of course), or spending a couple quiet hours on the archery range. Or, of course, just popping to the kitchen to sample R’s latest baking creations (e.g. something like this). I’m always partial to something sweet.

Still, for this post I chose to go with something I bought for myself last year. No particular occasion. I just wanted something good to listen to music or watch a movie with when I don’t want to bother others (i.e. when R would find the use of speakers annoying or distracting). I had been looking for something for a while. I didn’t want to spend too much, but I didn’t want something cheap. Ideally I wanted at least as good a quality as my speakers would give me. Which is not easy in a pair of cans. To make things a tad more complicated, I didn’t want to go the in-ear route, and my use of glasses makes most pairs of headphones uncomfortable. So I did the only sane thing and tried to test as many different headphones as I could – sadly the choice in physical shops is rather limited, even in bigger cities (I did try London). In the end, within my budget and what I could try, it came down to the Sennheiser Momentum On or this, the B&W P5. The Momentum has a flatter response, but I didn’t find the P5’s warmth objectionable. On the contrary, for how I meant to use them, I find it rather pleasant. And their bass response is as deep as one could hope (works great with movie and game soundtracks).

Anyway, I took this photo last year just a few weeks before moving back to Malta. I never got around to processing it, or rather every time I tried I couldn’t get anything close to what I wanted. Last weekend I had some time on my hands (with the weather scuppering my other plans) and gave it another go. This time I was rather satisfied with the result. Lately I have also been experimenting with colour grading, which in this case helped me get the mood of the image the way I wanted.

[Note: this is *not* a sponsored post.]


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