Teddy (3998)
(Click on the photo for added detail.)

A bit of a throwback today, in a sense. I took this photo just a few weeks ago, but the lens I used goes back 30+ years. I had some time on my hands that weekend (on account of not going for a walk), so took the chance to clean up this old lens. It’s a Helios-44M, a 58mm f/2.0 manual optic from Zenit, for which I got an adapter earlier this year. I had cleaned the lens surfaces before, but the focus mechanism still had a lot of friction and the aperture control felt iffy. So I opened up the thing, lubricated the focus arrangement, and refitted the aperture mechanism. Feels much better now.

I tried it on to make sure everything was fine, and took this simple shot of one of our cookie jars. Post processing was rather simple, and I played around with colour grading to get the feel right.

Something else I ought to mention is that R asked me about the lens, and I explained that it’s basically an older (and cheaper) equivalent to her beloved 50mm f/1.4. She tried it on her camera, and really liked it. There is something about manual photography that lets you think harder and take your time about things. Which is not good for some genres (wildlife, sports, etc) but works great in others.


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