Alpine Sunrise

Alpine Sunrise (4052)
(Click on the photo for added detail.)

There were no posts last week, while we were away. This week I’m finding it hard to get into the rhythm again. The photos I took last week will take some time to go through and edit, even if they’re not that many. I like to leave editing for days when the weather isn’t cooperating – basically if I can be climbing or taking more photos that’s what I’ll be doing. Editing can wait.

Now today was a national holiday here, and the weather was great, so I headed down to the crags for a club meet. It’s well into December already, but there we were in T-shirts, enjoying the sunshine. And the rock.

So for today’s photo I’m going back to my visit to CERN a few weeks ago. Our flight back was rather early, and we hit the sunrise as we were flying over the French-Italian Alps. With the relaxed controls on the use of electronic equipment in the cabin I didn’t mind taking my DSLR out for a few snaps. I had never tried anything like this before – the closest I had done was with a film SLR from a helicopter – so there’s of course a bit of a learning curve. I am reasonably happy with some of the shots, though if I had to do it again I would set things up to use a much faster shutter speed. Let’s just say it’s hard to avoid blur when hurtling through the air in an aluminum can.


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