Għaxqet l-Għajn

Għaxqet l-Għajn (4291-4292)
(Click on the photo for added detail.)

As promised last week, here’s the photo I intended to take at Għargħur when I went there for the sunset. There’s this place on the Victoria Lines just north of the village that’s popular with locals for a sunset walk or just to enjoy the view. As in many other places along the lines the view to the north is almost uninterrupted, and being situated atop a natural fault means that there’s lots of climbing to be done. I’ve been just below this particular stretch a couple of times and it’s always fun. Most of the routes go back to when it was mostly trad, and the easiest way down is to abseil.

The title refers to the road that leads to this place. Google marks it as a road that leads all the way around some farms and garrigue, but in fact the road is closed for cars along the cliffs. That’s the bit you see in the photo with people walking along. Għaxqet l-Għajn, the name of this road, literally refers to something that is pleasant / attractive to look at.

Anyway, back to the photo. There’s something I’d like to share about this. I had scouted the place before, intending to come back at sunset at a good time of year. But the first time I did that I barely arrived in time, and to make things really worse I noticed that I had forgotten the camera battery. So no photography that day. Still, there’s always the view.


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