Stretch (4323)
Stretch. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

It’s a new year, and after a good break I’m back with new photos. Over the holidays it seemed like summer was still lingering on, and I took the chance to do as much outdoor climbing as I could. One of these days took me to Magħlaq Cave at Lapsi. This cave is perched about 50-60m up a cliff, so access requires some attention. I took the long way in, leaving the car at Lapsi, walking along a great bit of coastline, and finally tackling the cliff itself. It’s an easy scramble up to this point, but the last bit is a little steep. Just a few years ago I’m not sure I would have been comfortable doing this. In any case I made sure I headed back while it was still light.

As you can see the weather itself was perfect. Sunny enough to be climbing in T-shirts, but with a cool sea breeze to keep it comfortable. Now I’m not sure if I was too winded with the walk in, had too much to eat over Christmas, or if I was simply unused to several days of climbing, but I wasn’t really up to leading anything that day. So instead I top-roped a few easy climbs, and tried to take some photos. This is the only one I’m really happy with, but I also learnt a lot about taking photos of people climbing. Next time I’ll be better prepared.


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  1. […] rather different photo than what I usually post. The idea for this came early in the new year on a climbing outing in this same cave. With the cave where it is, some 50-60m up a cliff, it’s rather difficult to get a decent […]

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