Big Skies at Lapsi

Big Skies at Lapsi (4426)
Big Skies at Lapsi. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

I’m rather disappointed this year that it has taken me almost three weeks to actually take some photos. When out climbing yesterday I took my tripod, filters, and camera with me, intending to take some photos at sunset after we pack our climbing gear. It was rather windy too, which would make for some nice action at the shoreline. Sadly there was a solid bank of clouds on the horizon, so the light went out fairly quickly, and by that time the wind had quietened a bit. So in the end I just packed up and left, a little earlier than anticipated. Ah well, there will always be another time.

Still I am happy that we did some interesting climbs, and I led another two routes that I had not tried before. The wind was much less of a factor than I feared, affecting only whoever was belaying, but nothing that a jacket wouldn’t fix. I did take the precaution of getting advice from someone I trust before fixing plans, so I was not worried. Lapsi is a great winter venue as the crags are in the sun all day, so even after a very rainy day (Saturday) things were nice and dry on Sunday.

Now this is a view I don’t think I’ll ever tire of. I took this photo before we started packing up our gear. I am trying to get in the habit of taking my camera with me when I go climbing, specifically for instances like this. We spend time in some photogenic places that I have come to know very well. And what this means is that we get to see these places under a very wide range of conditions. This is the kind of knowledge and experience that’s a landscape photographer’s dream. May as well take advantage of this and make some photos.


    • That’s a restaurant right on the shore. One of two: the other is at the far end of the car park, it’s white wall visible. Behind the first restaurant on the shore is a diving site.

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