Rocky Coastline and Filfla

Rocky Coastline and Filfla (4453)
Rocky Coastline and Filfla. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

I’m still getting used to the winter season here. Even when it rains, it’s proving possible to enjoy some outdoorsy stuff. Thankfully, as last year it was a very wet winter. Take last week: it was sunny all week, then the predicted rain came on schedule on Saturday morning. I had planned to meet a few friends and climb on Saturday afternoon, but agreed at the last minute to scrap these plans. Who would want to climb on wet rock? When the weather started clearing in the afternoon I thought I’d take the chance to do some photography instead – I really like the light after a storm. So I headed to Lapsi anyway (where we had planned to climb) with my camera gear instead.

On getting there I found the rock had dried up really quickly, and I met several climbing friends there. I was sorely tempted to get my harness and join them, but decided to persist with my photography plan. For once, climbing could wait. I walked along the rugged coastline, and spent some quiet time exploring the inlets. I set up with my zoom lens and the Lee Big Stopper for some long exposures, and made good use of the timers on Magic Lantern, which I recently installed. By the time the sun set, I had a few images I knew I was happy with, and I met my climbing friends again on the way to the car park.


    • It can be rough, but on this day it was rather quiet. And the long exposure makes everything look really still and peaceful.

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