Old School Supplies

Darkroom Supplies (4458)
Darkroom Supplies. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

I was wondering what to post today. I tend to keep Thursdays for ‘throwback’ type posts, even though it’s usually not the remember-primary-school thing. I don’t do nostalgia any more. But see what arrived in the post yesterday! Last time I did film was back in England when Bill was kind enough to show me the ropes in development. Except for a still-unexplained mishap with the first film, everything looked pretty straight forward. If you want to take a look at my previous efforts, follow the posts with the film tag.

Since then I bought the necessary (used) gear and waited until we settled back here to get the chemicals. I found only a single shop on the island that still supplies chemicals and film, but in the end it proved easier (and considerably cheaper) to mail-order what I needed from the continent. At this point I have enough to last me a year or so, and earlier today I checked my film body (bought new in 1998) to make sure everything still worked. I’ll need to remember to take an extra set of batteries with me, but otherwise everything seems fine. Now I need to get the development tank and mixing bottles from the garage, and shoot some film.

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