Cliff Caves in Late Winter Light

Cliff Caves in Late Winter Light (4444)
Cliff Caves in Late Winter Light. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

A really quick blog post today, with another photo from that outing to Lapsi just over a week ago. I stopped first to take some long exposures from just below the last of the popular climbing caves. After some quiet time there, hearing the waves crash on the rock shoreline below, I packed up and headed down towards the Ħamrija Tower area, below the neolithic temples. On the way, at the seaward side of Wied il-Magħlaq, the light started changing character rather quickly. It was crisp in the way that only winter light can be, and yet had the warm glow of a sunny Mediterranean day. Instinctively I looked back at the caves in the cliffs above, and composed this photo with the tree in the foreground and the rubble structure next to it. I suppose it is a hunter’s hide.


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