Rocky Coastline

Rocky Coastline (4454)
Rocky Coastline. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

A quick post today to share another photo from the series I took at Lapsi a couple weeks ago. This is another long exposure, the last one I took that day, in fact. Where the rocks get regularly wet they turn black, making for some strong contrast with the rock that stays mostly dry and becomes a sun-bleached white. You get the same effect on the cliffs and valley walls: wherever water seeps through it turns black.

Anyway, since I took this I’ve had a roll of film in my old camera and have been mostly shooting that instead. The first roll is purely experimental – I just want to be sure I have the whole process down properly before I trust myself with less replaceable photos. We’ll soon see how that goes, as I’m mostly through the roll. I almost finished it yesterday but I was too busy climbing and the sun died out too quickly.


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