Cliffs and Vegetation

Cliffs and Vegetation (3720)
Cliffs and Vegetation. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

My Thursday posts have become a great way to avoid having good photos forgotten. In most of these posts I have been sharing photos that were taken sufficiently long ago to be no longer ‘recent’. As my to-share pile dwindles, it has become rather easy to decide which to share next from this category – just pick the oldest one. This week’s photo dates back to the end of spring last year. I took this on a short walk to the cliffs above Fawwara, where the primary objective was just to wind down and watch the sunset.

Meanwhile, yesterday I finished off the roll of test film I had in my camera, and today I dug up the developing apparatus: tank, timer, measuring cylinders and mixing cups, and cleaned the lot. I also downloaded the relevant data sheets for chemicals and film, and tried to figure out what I have missing. It turns out I still need something to measure out the small quantity of developer concentrate I’ll be using. I’ll try to sort that out tomorrow and have a go at the development process.



  1. Do you do what I do and often upload images to your media library on WordPress and not share them straight away? I’ve been doing this recently on my site funnily enough and it works well when reminiscing about stuff you did a few months back.

    • Ah no I don’t. I do process my images in batches though, and keep a folder on my desktop with all those images ‘still to blog about’. Otherwise it can be easy to forget what I have not shared yet 🙂

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